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INTRA ORAL SPRAY delivers the highest absorption of nutrition compounds & now cannabinoids.
Achieve faster and long lasting results.

Americans can achieve faster relief from this new Intra Oral Spray that lasts even longer than traditional CBD oil.

100% Pure CBD


Prevail Canna contain measured doses of 100% pure CBD fresh pressed into Whole Flower for faster and more effective results.


1.  Two sprays inside the mouth

2. Swallow

3. Enjoy your experience.


Use 2-3 times per day or as needed.

Power Myst contains less than 0.3% THC

How Water-Compatible CBD Works

When you place a drop of oil-based CBD in a bowl of water, it will float at the top, sitting in one place. This is what oil-based CBD does in your body. It is not adequately absorbed and the effects are weaker.

When you place a drop of water-compatible fluid in water, the fluid will disperse equally. This is what water-compatible CBD does in your body. It disperses and is quickly and easily absorbed.

Whole Flower Fluid Extraction Process

All of our CBD products are manufactured with a proprietary extraction process that preserves the entire hemp plant profile. That means our products are highly water-compatible, and the most efficacious options available.

Delivers the whole flower CBD fluid through an energized formula and a metered-dose spray—increasing absorption.

Our products benefit from a proprietary extraction process that preserves the entire profile of hemp in an exclusive, water-compatible formula.

This natural extraction process means that you’re getting the purest and bioavailable CBD to become the best version of yourself.

Many CBD products sold today are produced from industrial hemp CBD isolates. Hemp isolates do not include essential cannabinoids, terpenes, or other therapeutic plant compounds. We utilize a whole flower fluid extraction process, preserving the whole plant and all its benefits.

As hemp isolate products lack essential compounds, they require higher doses to have even slightly the same effectiveness. Prevail Canna saves you money by lowering the cost per usage while providing unmatched efficacy.

Many competing CBD products are derived from oil which our bodies have a difficult time absorbing. Our bodies are mostly made of water, which means we have a far easier time absorbing water-compatible CBD instead of oil-based CBD. Our bodies typically only absorb about 10% of oil-based CBD versus 90% of water-compatible CBD. Our proprietary, water-compatible fluid means that we provide the most absorbable and bioavailable CBD on the market today.